OWP supports UN Sustainable 

Development Goal no. 12

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.



What is the goal?

To ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.


More people globally are expected to join the middle class over the next two decades. This will increase demand for already constrained natural resources. If we don’t act to change our consumption and production patterns, we will cause irreversible damage to our environment.


Cleaning and protection of the oceans

We have for a long time worked to get our OWP validated and approved to be able to participate in UNs SDG program (Sustainable Development Goals), and it has finally become a reality.


The United Nations have over a longer period thoroughly analyzed and evaluated how we work with ocean waste plastic, and have come to the conclusion how a huge positive difference OWP has on the environment. Based on validated documentation they have asked us to participate in their realization of Sustainable Development Goal number 12, one of the 17 goals that need to be achieved before 2030 to save our planet.

Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) reduces the total amount of plastic in the world (as opposed to new plastic such as virgin or Bioplastic) while also cleaning our oceans for plastic. By cleaning the oceans from plastic we are also saving the lives of millions of marine animals that are threatened by the plastic waste.


The majority of the plastic (90%) polluting our oceans derive from only 10 river systems. We are all about preventing the plastic from being carried out into the oceans, which is why we also collect plastic from rivers.


Be the difference!

A strong concept that removes plastic from the oceans 1:1

Read more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Ocean Waste Plastic

We try to find new ways to achieve a more sustainable future for both the environment and the packaging industry. Collecting plastic in the oceans as a result of selling packaging within the OWP™ concept is one of them.


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