Partnership with Royal Danish Yacht Club

We are very excited to announce our partnership with the Royal Danish Yacht Club. Today the club is not only focusing on gathering and creating a community for people that love and respect the ocean, but is also very passionate about spreading awareness about the issue of plastic pollution in the oceans. RDYC therefore chose Ocean Waste Plastic as a partner to help clean the oceans from plastic and help spread the awareness of how plastic from the oceans easily can be recycled into new products.

What is Royal Danish Yacht Club?

Royal Danish Yacht Club is the largest and oldest yacht club in Denmark and is frontrunners in development and growing talents, like the club is the most active in Denmark. The club was founded way back in 1866 and has ever since worked to promote sailing and support their members in their favorite sport. HM The Queen has since 1972 been protector of the club. 


2020 will be a year where Royal Danish Yacht Club will implement more sustainable programs that will benefit a sustainable club and brand. Furthermore will their effort to promote a clean and healthy ocean be first priority.


Everyone who uses the vehicles belonging to RDYC is obligated to collect garbage when it is created or seen in the ocean

One of the green initiatives by Royal Danish Yacht Club

Some of the green initiatives Royal Danish Yacht Club are implementing

Everyone who uses the vehicles belonging to RDYC is obligated to collect garbage when it is created or seen in the ocean

Primarily use green electricity whenever possible

Residues of all consumption must be sorted and recycled wherever possible

Contribute to research and development projects that can provide new knowledge on topics of relevance for a sustainable future for our environment

Why a collaboration?

With a mission to create closer relations between the world`s yacht clubs and to promote a healthy conscience about our oceans and our responsibility to clean it from plastic, it was a perfect match.

Ocean Waste Plastic is all about creating a passionate community for companies and organizations that care about protecting and doing good for the oceans. Just like RDYC, we want to rid the oceans from plastic and spread awareness about how we can do it. When RDYC asked us for a partnership to help clean more plastic from the oceans and inform more companies how easy it is to help save our oceans, we did not hesitate to accept the offer.

We hope that in collaboration with Royal Danish Yacht Club we are able to promote and encourage that a healthy ocean is important for our planet as well for the human species. We all live on the same planet and all have responsibility to protect it.

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