Press release


A journalist has identified two reports from Eurofins that seemed to have been altered deliberately by Pack Tech. On the basis of this, Eurofins asked us for an explanation too. 


Unfortunately, it is correct, that the two reports have been altered. The explanation – which we have forwarded to both our Board of Directors and to Eurofins – is lack of control between documents produced as examples of documentation and the actual forwarding of such material to customers in connection with marketing, etc. The reports altered were marked with the word “EXAMPLE” (as a watermark) but unfortunately also reports without this watermark have been forwarded. This has caused confusion and possibly unfair question marks about Eurofins’ reports – and we are deeply sorry about that. 


We have gone through everything and have identified which customers have received which reports – and we are now in the process of contacting all customers in this regard. We will contact anyone who has received a report to make sure that nothing is unclear or falsely interpreted – and to make sure that Eurofins is not harmed or blamed in any way. 


It is important to underline that all our packaging complies to REACH. We have not used raw material that didn’t pass the REACH tests. This we can of course document and that has nothing to do with the mistake described above. 


The Board of Directors of our company have decided that an independent external investigation of the explanation to Eurofins is to be conducted. We welcome this, as we need to make sure that trust is reestablished and control systems are in place. 


We are very proud of what OWP is. We remove plastic from the ocean and rivers like no other company in the world, and we reduce usage of virgin plastic. This is a unique and strong concept that will remain. Of course, this requires trust. We are fully aware.


/Pack Tech