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Ocean Waste Plastic

You can choose one of our standard packaging in PE and/or PP or we can help you design and customize the packaging after your needs and requirements. With a recognized Danish design agency, as well as in-house designers, we are able to offer you a specialized and unique OWP packaging solution.


You can see the standard packaging we supply on our main homepage:

Product Catalogue – Beauty

Take a closer look at our extensive product range in our Cosmetic Product Catalogue of standard packaging. Click the link next to the product to order free product samples


Our recycling process

We want to reduce waste, recover plastic before it ends up in our oceans and provide an alternative source of input to virgin resin. By combining our extensive knowledge of design, innovation and production we are able to rethink how we use and design plastic products.


Verification of packaging made in Ocean Waste Plastic


To help end-users recognize packaging made in Ocean Waste Plastic, we have designed a trademarked logo that can be applied to the packaging when it consists of min. 25% Ocean Waste Plastic (the exact amount of OWP must be mentioned as a percentage inside the logo).​ 

Some companies choose to print the logo on the label or bottle – others prefer to have it embossed or debossed into the packaging.


A case story...

Kevin Murphy eliminates ocean waste. We have made an overview of the environmental impact of Kevin Murphy choosing OWP packaging.


Pack Tech A/S

You can see the standard packaging we supply on our main homepage:



 We can supply you with free OWP product-packaging samples. Please visit to order samples or contact your local Sales Manager. You can also fill out the form below & we will contact you within 24 hours.



Working with Ocean Waste Plastic is sometimes challenging. 


A case story

Kevin Murphy eliminates plastic waste. Read about the environmental benefits of choosing OWP packaging.


Learn more

Learn more about Ocean Waste Plastic in our FAQ and read about the most frequently asked questions

Ocean Waste Plastic

We try to find new ways to achieve a more sustainable future for both the environment and the packaging industry. OWP (Ocean Waste Plastic) is one of them.


Pack Tech A/S

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