NEWS // INDONESIA // 15.06.2020

News from our auditing manager!

In light of the current global context, we believe it is time to share some news from our OWP teams in Indonesia. Our auditing manager Yusuf has regularly been in contact with our different clean-up teams and their families to stay updated and make sure they are healthy and well.


Our plastic cleanup has never been better and we have so far collected 1.700 ton of plastic in 2020.


An abrupt stop in their income

The coronavirus disease has, like in all other countries, taken a hard blow at the economy and mainly small businesses in Indonesia. Particularly our local fishermen and their families have experienced an abrupt end to their normal income, as many of their customers are closed indefinitely. More than ever, they are now dependent on collecting plastic from the oceans to be able to support their family.



thank you

Our local auditing manager has visited some of the families to provide them with sanitizers, face masks and other protection devices. They are all well and look forward to everything getting back to normal.

They send their sincere thank you and appreciation to all the companies that have chosen to use Ocean Waste Plastic during these difficult times.  Without you they were not able to support their families with basic needs like food, water and clothes.

Everyone who uses the vehicles belonging to RDYC is obligated to collect garbage when it is created or seen in the ocean

Primarily use green electricity whenever possible

Residues of all consumption must be sorted and recycled wherever possible

Contribute to research and development projects that can provide new knowledge on topics of relevance for a sustainable future for our environment


Meet Dayat & Waskeem

Dayat works as a fisherman, but in these times he has no customers for the fish and mussels he catches. Now his only income comes from collecting plastic from the oceans. Him and his wife Waskeem work as a team where Dayat collects plastic from the ocean and Waskeem sorts and rinse the plastic afterwards.

“Life in general is difficult at the moment, as we rely on being able to collect plastic from the oceans. We are very thankful that many companies see the great potential in removing plastic from the oceans. ”

Dayat; OWP-fisherman in Jakarta


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