We are increasing capacity with more fishermen!

We are happy to welcome 4 new fishermen to our Ocean Waste Plastic collecting team in Indonesia. Since the beginning of Ocean Waste Plastic our capacity has grown rapidly, and we constantly increase our local collecting teams.

The interest in OWP is increasing and we want to be able to maintain the good quality and standard, which is why we are constantly improving working conditions and increasing number of local collectors in Indonesia.



Please welcome Agus and Andi who are collecting plastic around Jakarta. Their fishing income has for several years been affected by the growing plastic pollution that accumulates in the oceans and affects fish stock.


Hasan and Muslimin collect plastic in the area of Jakarta. Hasan and Muslimin sail out every day to predefined hot spots to collect plastic. They are very happy to be a part of our OWP team, and to help improve their local communities and support their families.


The fishing industry in Indonesia is facing serious threats from plastic waste, as plastic pollution has proved to be a huge problem and every year it accumulates in the rivers and in the oceans, which makes it shallower and it becomes a problem for fish to live and breath. Moreover the poor water quality also affects the growth, and stationary fishing stations are filled with anything else than fish. When local fishermen experience a decline in fish stock, it obviously affects the livelihood of many local fishermen.


We are therefore very happy to be able to help local Indonesian fishermen, their families, local communities and at the same time clean our oceans and rivers for plastic. We will continue to grow the Ocean Waste Plastic team of local fishermen in Indonesia, so stay tuned…

Ocean Waste Plastic

We try to find new ways to achieve a more sustainable future for both the environment and the packaging industry. OWP (Ocean Waste Plastic) is one of them.


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