GOSH Copenhagen

uses OWP

GOSH Copenhagen uses 40% OWP

One of our most valuable resources, the oceans, is facing a potential future with more plastic in the oceans than fish by weight. GOSH Copenhagen has chosen to make a difference for our oceans and planet by producing their packaging (GOSH Dextreme Foundation) from 40% Ocean Waste Plastic. Every time a consumer buys a GOSH product (GOSH Dextreme Foundation), they help remove 10 plastic bags from the oceans.


“The quality of the product is absolutely perfect, and it is just as good as virgin plastic. You can also re-use the plastic again and again. This is our first product with Ocean Waste Plastic, but it is definitely not going to be the last one.”


Rikke Skaarup Hansen, Director RD, QA/QC Purchase

GOSH's product development and production are located in Denmark, which means GOSH is able to serve their customers with the best possible products produced under the best possible circumstances. GOSH is committed to recycling as much as they can from the production of excess material and to using more recycled material in their production, for example in packaging.


As a positive side benefit, Ocean Waste Plastic reduces CO2 emission by 50% compared to virgin plastic. 

Ocean Waste Plastic

We try to find new ways to achieve a more sustainable future for both the environment and the packaging industry. Collecting plastic in the oceans as a result of selling packaging within the OWP™ concept is one of them.


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