Plastic in our nature contributes to climate change

The plastic that ends up in our oceans and nature are not only threatening our animals and oceans, but are also contributing to climate change.

A new study from the University of Hawaii led by Sarah-Jeanne Royer, suggests that the majority of the plastic that ends up in our nature not only harm our environment by destroying our nature and animal life, but also release powerful gases (methane and ethylene – the most problematic greenhouse gases) as they break down, contributing to climate change.


The study pays extra concern to the plastic type low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as it is the type of plastic that releases the highest rate of greenhouse gases. The reason is that LDPE has a weaker and less dense chemical structure than most plastics and therefore breaks down more easily. The rate of gases plastics release is a result of its area surface, and when it breaks down quickly the surface area increase. LDPE is most commonly found in single-use plastics, which e.g. make up an average 49% of beach litter.


300 million

of plastic every year


8 million

end up in the oceans

Over time, plastics give off more and more gases where sunlight and heat are the primary accelerators for the gas releases. We are producing more than 300 million tons of plastic every year, where 8 million end up in the oceans. So imagine as the climate changes, our planet gets hotter which results in plastic releasing even more gases increasing the rate of climate change even more. Then it starts over again…

Methane & Ethylene

The study suggests that plastic exposed directly to sunlight in the air (e.g. on beaches, coastlines, fields etc.) releases a great amount of gases contributing to climate change.


We need to collect the plastic littering our nature asap!

Do you want to make a difference for the environment?


By using Ocean Waste Plastic you help collect the plastic from our nature that not only affect our nature and animal life, but also contribute to climate change.

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We want to clean up the oceans, reduce waste, recover plastic before it ends up in our oceans and provide an alternative source of input.



The impact of our clean up initiative to create OWP for new packaging is significant. But it can be even better – with your help.


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