Introducing CANNELLA, our new product within the OWP-concept! CANNELLA is specially made to comply with CBD market requirements and is designed with innovation and sustainability in mind. With our exclusive design and sustainable story, you are guaranteed to stand out.


The design

We wanted the design to stand out within the current market and create a fresh, aesthetically pleasing design while being sleek and timeless. CANNELLA has been designed with a modern angular edges. It has a distinctive shape and a matt finish. The angular custom design tessellates to reduce wastage during shipping.


Besides looking unique, our CANNELLA is also designed heavyweight to provide extra durability and exude quality.



1ml industry-standard dosage delivered in an embossed PP pipette

Matt finish on pipette and bottle creating an exclusive look

Child-resistant neck closure

Billede af Christoffer Engström

Help save the ocean with CANNELLA

Our CANNELLA is more than just a modern design, it also helps save the ocean with the help of our OWP-concept. For each unit, we remove 3.2 grams of plastic from the ocean and rivers.

This might not sound like a lot, but for every 1.000 units, 3,2 kilo which is equal to 128 water bottles (0.5L bottles) will be removed from the ocean and rivers. That’s a lot and we believe that it makes a difference for our oceans and marine life, even in the bigger picture. CANNELLA is a solution for the brand that wishes to stand out with a timeless design while helping save the ocean.

1.000 Units

128 water bottles (3,2kg)

from the ocean


Read more about OWP-concept



You help remove plastic from the oceans and rivers

Can be custom designed

A design that helps you differentiate from the rest of the CBD market

A design that will become synonymous with saving our oceans

Want to hear more about what we can offer?

If you wish to hear more about our CANNELLA, MOQ, prices, and more, then reach out to our Sales Manager Simon